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On this page, you can browse all the triathlon, fitness and nutrition books, videos and programs from Ben Greenfield. If you have questions about any of these titles, simply e-mail

The Academy for Optimal Living



Ben’s practical and easy-to-understand 3 class workshop at the Academy for Optimal Living on How to REV the Human Machine.

Creative Live


Complete All-Access-Pass to the 3-day playback of Ben’s amazing CreativeLIVE presentation: Achieve Ultimate Human Performance.


“Beyond Training: Mastering Endurance, Health & Life” is your ultimate guide to achieving amazing feats of physical performance without destroying your body and mind!

Get Fit Guy's Guide To Achieving Your Ideal Body

Get Fit Guy’s Guide To Achieving Your Ideal Body teaches you how to find your unique body type, and gives you a custom workout and nutrition plan for your best look.

Tri-Ripped Triathlon Training Program

Tri-Ripped gives you the best of both worlds – a lean, muscular body and the power to swim, bike and run faster.


The Black Box Package is a total body solution designed by Ben Greenfield to completely reinvent your body and give you every tool you need for ultimate performance and health.


Fueling Myths Exposed tells you the real truth about fueling your body, and teaches you proven exercise nutrition techniques.

Weight Training For Triathlon

Weight Training For Triathlon is a cutting-edge, step-by-step gym workout guide to developing swim, bike and run power.

Low Carbohydrate Diet For Triathletes

Low Carbohydrate Diet For Triathletes is perfect for losing weight and eliminating carbohydrate cravings, even if you’re very active.

Shape21 Lean Body Manual

Shape21: The Complete 21 Day Lean Body Manual is a complete nutrition and exercise guide to fat loss.

Triathlon Dominator triathlon training plan

Triathlon Dominator is a Half-Ironman to Ironman triathlon training plan that allows maximum results in minimum time.

Marathon Dominator marathon training plan

Marathon Dominator is a marathon training plan that gets you 100% ready for your marathon with just 4 running days a week.

Bulletproof Knee IT Band Friction Fix

Bulletproof Knee IT Band Friction Fix completely eliminates the pain on the outside of your knee, forever.

Top 12 Resistance Training Routines For Triathletes

Top 12 Resistance Training Routines For Triathletes has 12 incredibly efficient gym circuits to get fast results for triathletes.


Run With No Pain is a step-by-step guide to eliminating low back pain in runners, cyclists, swimmers and active individuals.

100 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism

100 Ways To Boost Your Metabolism teaches you tips and tricks to burn calories like a wildfire.




Mighty Mommy’s Belly Burn Project is a 12 week exercise and nutrition plan to guide women to safe and fasting fat loss.

How To Qualify For Kona and Get To Ironman Hawaii

How To Qualify For Kona teaches you how to get to Ironman Hawaii to race triathlon world championships on the big island.

How To Change Your Life With Magnesium

How To Change Your Life With Magnesium teaches you how to use a common mineral to maximize health and performance.


SuperHuman Guide

Essential Guide To Becoming Superhuman. A 213 page manual with 14 CD’s that gives you everything you need to optimize your performance, recovery, fat loss, digestion, brain, sleep and hormones.


Superhuman Videos

All-Access Pass to the audios, videos, slides and important take-away notes from the Become Superhuman Live Event - contains the most cutting-edge fitness, nutrition and health information you’re ever going to find in single package.

Superhuman Live DVD's
Become Superhuman Live Event DVD’s. The official jam-packed 4 DVD set from Ben Greenfield’s Become Superhuman live event, featuring mind-blowing presentations on fat loss, muscle gain, brain power and more by speakers such as Dave Asprey, Nora Gedgaudas, Ray Cronise, Monica Reinagel and more!


Ben Greenfield podcast album

Get convenient and instant audio access to 10 of the top topics Ben Greenfield has addressed on the podcast! Click here to get any of the single tracks for 0.99 or the entire album for 9.99.

Lean Lifestyle Insider

The Lean Lifestyle Insider with Ben Greenfield and Fat Burning Man Abel James is like MTV “Cribs” for getting lean. In a series of videos and helpful downloadable .pdf’s, Ben and Abel walk you through every room and every detail of biohacking your way to automated fat loss.



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