Every Fitness & Nutrition Tip You’ll Ever Need Is In This Free App.


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Whether you’re looking to lose fat and gain muscle without resorting to fad diets or you are a ripped superhuman training for your next triathlon, marathon or 5K, the new Ben Greenfield Fitness app will provide you with natural remedies and complete solutions to maximize your nutrition, fitness and performance results, and upgrade your life.

Like most of us, Ben didn’t always have what it takes to swim, bike, and run in triathlons around the world, but his natural healthy living approach will have you eating real food, getting ripped and living a high intensity, high performance, high energy lifestyle!

Every week, Ben dishes out practical tips, the latest research, and audios, videos and articles that will teach you how to optimize your performance, maximize fat loss and detox your body. This app equips you with everything you need to look, feel and perform exactly the way you want to, including:

  • Weekly health and fitness episodes jam-packed with the latest cutting-edge scientific research and advice
  • Insider interviews with the world’s leading experts in performance and nutrition
  • Entertaining video clips straight from Ben with practical lifestyle tips – including app-exclusive content
  • Free exercise training routines with video examples to follow along with on your phone
  • Downloadable .pdf’s and pictures to accompany your cutting-edge fitness content, and much more!

Click here now to download the free iPhone app.

Click here now to download the free Android app.


One thought on “Every Fitness & Nutrition Tip You’ll Ever Need Is In This Free App.

  1. Hi Ben, I have just listened to your interview on entrepreneur on fire and enjoyed your advice and mindset . I am a french woman of 42 living in Paris , entrepreneur and fitness is part of me. Katell

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