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2 Days After Christmas – A Free, Live Class With Ben Greenfield: “How to REV the Human Machine”

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It’s Christmas day.

You’re busy.

But no matter how much eggnog you may be dumping down the hatch today, if you want me to see me go into professor mode and spill my secrets for revving up and optimizing your body in 2014 – then keep reading.

On Dec 27 at 2pm Pacific, 5pm Eastern, I will be teaching a free, live online class titled “How to REV the Human Machine: Recover, Elevate, and Vitalize“…

…in the class, you’ll discover how to squeeze every last drop of excitement and living out life, and still be healthy on the outside and healthy on the inside. I call this feeling of achieving your ultimate performance potential “getting revved”.

You can click here to read my top 10 ways to get revved for free, and to get registered for the 60 minute live class now, which is also free.

If you run into any technical issues signing up for class, or you have questions about this class, then leave your comments below!


3 Responses to “2 Days After Christmas – A Free, Live Class With Ben Greenfield: “How to REV the Human Machine””

  1. vansjams16 says:

    Hey Ben, I couldn't figure out how to register. Do i have to enroll in the Academy for Optimal Living?

  2. Still time to get in on today's Entheos class!

    If you are watching it live, there is no need to register. Just hang out on this page about 5 mins before start time and everything will just load when it is time.

    This is the link for the live class

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