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Are Your Expensive Multivitamins Even Absorbed…Or Are There Better Ways To Deliver Precious Nutrients To Your Body?

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News flash: lots of pills, capsules, tablets, and vitamins end up completely unabsorbed, in a pile of poo, in your toilet.

From liposomal glutathione to transdermal magnesium, the truth is that there are delivery mechanisms for vitamins, minerals, nutrients and any other pills you may be popping that are 5 to 20 times more potent than regular delivery mechanisms like simply swallowing a capsule or tablet.

But although they can literally give you a nearly unfair advantage when it comes to enhancing your performance, detoxing your body quickly, massively boosting your immune system or sparking a significant increase in your IQ…

…these delivery mechanisms fly under the radar.

Not anymore.

mark_joynerIn today’s podcast interview with Mark Joyner (pictured right), you’re going to learn everything you need to know about how to deliver important nutrients to your body in much more efficient ways that simply popping a pill…

Mark is the author of the Do-It-Yourself Nanotech Super Nutrients Guide and the biohacks, detoxes, and nutrient delivery mechanisms we discuss during the show (which he details in the guide) include:

-liposomal delivery






-and much more.

Mark is an author, inventor, and serial entrepreneur. He is Founder and CEO at Simpleology, a web application that helps people and teams get more done faster.

Questions, comments or feedback on this podcast? Leave your thoughts below. And remember: don’t screw around. Do your own research and understand what you’re working with before you mess around with any of this stuff.

Click here to download Mark’s Do-It-Yourself Nanotech Super Nutrients Guide for free.


22 Responses to “Are Your Expensive Multivitamins Even Absorbed…Or Are There Better Ways To Deliver Precious Nutrients To Your Body?”

  1. Abby says:

    Great timing! I just got blood work back – low in Vit D, Iron, Magnesium. Was advised to take the same supplements I’ve been taking for the past year. I’m already eating clean & ‘strategically’ and Dr. (functional medicine MD) really didn’t have any other suggestions :/

    • There are a ton of other things you can do. You should read this:

      • Logbee says:

        A probiotic enema sounds like a very interesting discussion ;If you cuold get some from this arena to come on & do a podcast Ben ,it would be great. Always wondered how much of these probiotics are destroyed by stomach acid

        • Logbee says:

          Vilified free radicals boost tissue healing and regeneration in tadpoles (and perhaps humans)
          Could this have anything to do with the dampening down of the immune system by over taking antioxitants .Whats the opinion on the Naked mole rat theory ?

          • This?

            The Naked Mole Rats weren't being exposed to benchpressing, Ironman triathlons, car pollution and household cleaners as far as I know. ;)

          • Logbee says:

            Big fan Ben ,however many people in the city live to 90's still & probably a lot didnt over exercise either ;with naked moles been very social .like people mostly ,its a wonder folk dont even double lifespan, but live 8 times as long This is a lot.
            Im sure Ive heard ,I think it was from 1 of those Bodybuilders podcasts that High resistance for short periods is very good in general

  2. SkiBumps says:

    I got to the part of the podcast about Nebulizers and stopped. I then started searching for a portable, effective Nebulizer without BPA & Latex and ones that offered small particles (1-10 microns).. the basics per Mark Joyner.

    I found the following:

    A. Mesh Technology is apparently better than UltraSonic because it does not heat up the particles which can be an issue for certain medications. I suspect heat might be an issue for some supplements/biohacking but I have no proof. This little baby is approved for use while flying in the US but doesn't say if it's BPA free.

    2. UltraSonic. This model's tubes and masks are latex free. I left a message with the manufacturer asking it BPA is in their products.

    Both links show a brief video of the product and specs.

    You can source tubing and masks that are BPA free and would be useful as long as the fittings match.

    I hope you find this useful.

    Now, back to the podcast. :)

  3. crunchymel says:

    Hi Ben! Great website- tons of good info & I am really enjoying your podcasts. I recently had some blood work done and found out I have a gene mutation called MTHFR. Basically it means I have a much higher risk of degenerative disease (vascular and cancer). Also it makes it much harder for my body to absorb some nutrients, especially some B vitamins (I cant process folic acid but need folate instead). I am 47, have always been fairly healthy (I thought) eat clean 90% of the time, active – I do sprint triathlons, no prescription drugs, good bp & cholesterol. In addition to gene mutation blood work also showed low Vitamin D (this really surprised me) & Thyroid was at the lowest of normal. I am having a hard time finding reliable info about this wondering if you have any suggestions. If you are un-familiar with MTHFR I have blogged what i have learned here:

  4. markj_joyner says:

    Hey guys, here's the only one I know of that's BPA free. (see link below)

    The one from Omron I'm pretty sure is not. I wrote to them and they said they weren't sure and that they didn't have a way to verify. I'd read that as "has BPA".

    As for the MABIS unit, will be great to hear what they say.

  5. beuss01 says:

    Is it possible to access this free book without entering a credit card number ?!?!

  6. Snowcreature says:

    As pointed out in the podcast, the flip side of having such effective delivery mechanisms is having to be extra-cautious about the quality of what you're taking.

    It sounds like glutathione, C and curcumin would be clear candidates to try out. Not sure I really have time or interest in manufacturing my own formulations.

    Anybody out there done homework on commercial suppliers of liposomal formulations, and found any that seem to have really high standards? Not sure what the basis for comparison would be other than their marketing materials.

    Searching online turns up a lot of options, all from brands that are pretty unknown to me at least. (e.g. Let's Talk Health,

  7. Logbee says:

    Whats your opinion on taking turpentine form Pine trees , in very small amounts its supposed to be have a very antiinflamitory effect on the body ?

    • Brock says:

      Wow! That stuff can cause renal failure… There are better, safer and tastier ways to reduce inflammation.

      • Logbee says:

        Yea turpentine stinks ;but have you ever heard folk compare vodka ,tequila to it ;all are from Nature though ,A few drops of turps diluted with grapefruit & a few other mediums & it may be healthy &anti- inflamatory.
        Concentates of anything is usually bad !
        Has to be better than what the pharamasuticals are pushing

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