The Zen Of Being A Warrior Poet – How To Dominate Your Physical And Mental Performance


Meet Aubrey Marcus (pictured above).

Aubrey calls himself a “warrior poet“.

I first met Aubrey at Dave Asprey’s “Biohack Your Life” event. He was born in Southern California in 1981, the son of a futures trader and professional tennis player. He went on to graduate magna cum laude from University of Richmond in 2004, with a double major in Philosophy and Classics, and then he founded a marketing and investor relations company, where he cut his teeth helping both public and private clients raise capital and fuel growth.

And then Aubrey went off the deep end.

He ventured deep into the heart of jungles to drink mind-altering ayahuasca beverages, sparred around the world with top level MMA fighters, and learned how to sit in peaceful meditation for literally days at a time.

In today’s audio interview, I interview Aubrey about this fascinating life, and his newer ventures as CEO of  the company Onnit

aubreymarcusDuring this interview, you’ll learn…

-What holotrophic breathing is and how to do it…

-How to use shrooms, adaptogens, and other such supplements to get smarter and get a physical edge…

-How ayahuasca works and what it feels like…

-How Aubrey Marcus manages travel, the busy life of a CEO and training…

-And much more.

Aubrey talks about his products “ShroomTech” and “AlphaBrain“, and I mention my own “mind altering” adaptogenic herbs that I use called “TianChi” and “Inner Peace“.

Leave your questions, comments and feedback below, and Aubrey or I promise to reply.


2 thoughts on “The Zen Of Being A Warrior Poet – How To Dominate Your Physical And Mental Performance

  1. When I come on the “onnit” site,many remarks about wanting Onnit products,but can’t afford them.Do you help them? Or are you just another bullshit sales that is using mma to make more money on regular products. Aubrey sounds obsessed with one thing “Aubrey”. The guy is talking about meditation,and all the old relaxation music,yet he is ripped,like Rogan, who uses many peds including hgh, which would mean he is full of shit.Anyone who goes in an ashram for some time cannot be high,on steroids,mushrooms or ganga.I have done everything he has done,but I was always told astral travelling is highly dangerous when using.I used to do chakras, meditation,taichi,and have been places he would never go,and he just sounds fake.If you really feel like a teacher,you have to let go of your ego,and this guy has a huge ego. Nobody ever replies to my questions. I was doing this in the 70s80s and 90s,but I was always using, and I knew I was conning myself. I guess Aubrey is so obsessed with sucess he forgets about what his goals really are. Anyone who promotes mushrooms is kind of immature,as it has to be a personal thing.How can this kid tell me about mushrooms,when I was injecting everything before he was born. Shame on m e

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